⚽ Bets on the Champions League qualification August 02, 2017

CSKA Moscow - AEK Athens

In the last match there was a landmark event for Igor Akinfeev - he finally didn't concede! CSKA has won away match with a score of 0:2. Apparently, we have an obvious favorite of this match. However, we are sure that CSKA will score at least twice at the home stadium in the second leg!


BSC Young Boys - Dynamo Kiev

In the first match, Dynamo defeated Young Boys with a score of 3:1. At the same time, Kiev showed an excellent performance! Moreover, in addition to Young Boys, Dynamo defeated Shakhtar and the Carpathians, so that, in general, the team of Alexander Khatskevich looks very confident and strong. In this match we offer to take the individual total of the guests 1.5.


Rosenborg - Celtic FC

The first match was quite tense and resulted in 0:0 which is quite unexpected. Apparently, we expect the format of the first match to remain: a minimum of goals and a lot of struggle. Most likely, one or two goals will determine the outcome of the meeting, and maybe even an overtime. We recommend to take "under" in this meeting.


⚽ Bets on the Champions League qualification July 26, 2017

Dynamo - Young Boys

Last year, Young Boys knocked out Shakhtar from the Champions League qualification, so the opponent from Kiev should not be underestimated. Dynamo is a favorite in this match, although it plays traditionally hard with the Swiss teams. However, Young Boys have staffing losses: the main goalkeeper and the leading defender Zakiri has left the team. We expect TU 2.5 and the minimal victory of Kiev.


Astana - Legia

Astana is a good team but it is still inferior to Legia in the quality of the players. Yes, Legia will play without key midfielder Radovic, but anyway, we think that zero handicap on the guests is a good bet.


Celtic - Rosenborg

Celtic plays skillfully and scores a lot. However, the defeat 0:4 to Lyon in a friendly match indicates that the team has problems. At the same time, Rosenborg has much more problems. First of all, it is problems with defense: for the last 13 matches, Rosenborg was able to keep clean sheet only in two matches. Plus, if Rosenborg manages to score - this will be a good background for the home side match. The result is: Celtic is able to score, and Rosenborg is used to concede. The obvious bet in this match is TO 2.5.


⚽ Bets on the Champions League qualification July 25, 2017


Last season, CSKA Moscow almost didn't concede. However, this season, everything seem to have been changed. CSKA conceded goal from Anji, and 3 goals were conceded from Lokomotiv! AEK looks quite confident at home side. Like every Greek team it can "dry" the game. We expect a difficult match for CSKA and TU 2.5.


Slavia - BATE

Slavia seems an absolute favorite. It has a powerful squad (Dani, Rotan, Altintop, Zhugas), ambitious investors, plus it played well during pre-seasonal training. It is clear that BATE's team squad is inferior to the Czechs, plus it hasn't played good against Alashkert. We bet on a confident victory of the hosts in this match.


Karabakh - Sherif

Everything is simple in this match as well. Karabakh is already an experienced European team, last year it surprised many people with its performance in the Europe League. In the last round, Karabakh won confidently against the Georgian Samtredia (0-6). Sherif played poorly in the last matches of the national championship. In general, Karabakh has more experienced and strong team squad.


⚽ Bets on July 22, 2017

Zenit - Rubin

Zenit has a good series of the last 10 matches, besides, St. Petersburg plays quite strongly at home side and concedes a little. The last 4 matches of Zenit against Rubin were unambiguous - it has won all 4 matches and there is no doubt that this will happen this time again. We recommend to take the victory of Zenit; we expect it to keep clean sheet.


Krasnodar - Tosno

Of course, the hosts are absolute favorites here. However, there is an interesting statistical detail: 5 of the last 6 home side matches of Krasnodar resulted in a draw. At the same time, 4 matches were played with TU 2.5. In general, we expect Krasnodar to win but we aren't sure that it would be devastating victory.


Shakhtar - Dynamo

In a recent match for the Super Cup, Shakhtar has defeated Dynamo. It is unlikely that something could have changed radically for a week. We still see Shakhtar as the favorite of this match. For the last 7 matches of the championship (both the last championship and the current championship) Dynamo always played "over". Therefore, we recommend to make three bets in this match: TO 2.5, Shakhtar's victory and the fact that a red card will be shown in the match.